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Teri Moore

As an artist, I observe the immediate world around me and use a mixed-mash of materials to draw my interpretation of this world, tying always to experiment with techniques and materials so as to add fresh methods to practiced skill creating a narrative of my own. I often hear from people that they relate to my work in personal and emotional ways.

I have experimented with many materials and methods, often finding myself creating in three dimensions when two doesn’t quite say what I want to say. I worry sometimes that I stray to far from the path and appear “all over the place” with my work. But when I look at what I have made in a collective, I see that no matter what material or subject matter I tackle, it has a signature feel that cannot be mistaken as mine.

As a life-long maker of things, I am confident and relaxed that the things I bring to life are always valid, often important, and have the ability to touch and affect the lives of others in ways I know well, because making them does so to me.