The town of Augusta, situated on the hills overlooking the Missouri River Valley about 37 miles west of Saint Louis, was founded in 1836 by Leonard Harold, one of the settlers that followed Daniel Boone to Saint Charles County. Harold laid out the town of Mount Pleasant on part of the government land he purchased in 1821. The town site was chosen for its excellent river landing. By incorporation in 1855 the town, then known as Augusta had become a prosperous agricultural community, producing mainly grain, livestock, and wine grapes. The town, a trading center, supported numerous craftsmen, merchants, hotels, and wineries.

During the 1870’s the Missouri River cut a new channel leaving the town without its boat landing but with several hundred acres of fertile river bottom land. This land still produces much of the town’s income.

As other towns have gone by the wayside, Augusta, with 300 residents, is still a thriving small town. Much of the tourists interest, which was spurred by the revival of vineyards in the late sixties, has bloomed with the many home-grown businesses, bed and breakfasts and restaurants that you see today. With the backdrop of the beautiful hills, Augusta will continue to draw those who wish to enjoy a pleasurable day at one or all of the spots mentioned in this website.

Be sure to visit the town of Augusta’s Historic Museum. Call for Special Tours and hours at 636-482-4448 or 636-228-4303.

The Weinstrasse

Augusta Missouri …In the heart of Missouri Wine Country …
As you drive down scenic Highway 94 in St. Charles County, you’ll begin a trip on one of Missouri’s greatest treasures, The Weinstrasse, (German for “road to the wineries”). The first stop along the way will be Defiance Ridge winery in Defiance. Next is Sugar Creek Winery, just outside the town of Defiance. Ken and Becky Miller have created a unique wine tasting experience with beautiful views of the Missouri River Bottom area.

After your stop there, continue your drive and the flat areas along the river bottom give way to increasing elevations along the bluffs. Next stop will be Montelle Winery with unparalleled views of the Missouri River Valley.

Wonderful patios and picnic benches invite you to linger and sip on one of Montelle’s award winning wines.  Augusta Missouri is just a bit further down the road.

Augusta Missouri has two wineries within the town proper and are within walking distance of the shops, restaurants, and bed and breakfasts. The well-known Mount Pleasant Winery with fabulous views of the river bottom valley is very popular. You will find a huge tasting room. Augusta Winery is just down the street. Smaller in size but great in wine production; Augusta Winery has won many prestigious medals. It is a must for the wine connoisseur. If beer seems more to your liking, then you shouldn’t miss out on a visit to Good News Brewery Micro-brewed beers with unique and lively flavors will tease your taste-buds, and have a pizza.   

For shopping enthusiasts, Stone Ledge Antiques offers a glimpse into the past and is known for an extensive collection of original artwork. If creative design ideas are your thing, then you definitely want to visit with Randal and Marj Oaks at Oaks Crossing, owners of American Kitchen and Backyard Design. If you lack ideas for your home and gardens, they will literally fill your head with new ones. You can check out their work all around Augusta. The Wandering Owl offers you distinctive home decoration items and is home to the Visitors Center.  Several new shops have recently opened in Augusta, so scout those out as well.

For a true taste of the past, make a stop at Centennial Farms. Purveyors of homemade jams, preserves, and honey as well as fresh produce that is grown on the property. The season starts with springtime offerings of over 200 types of fresh herbs, gorgeous garden plants, and tasty asparagus. Summer delights are sweet peaches, melons, strawberries, and blackberries and then, later in the season, the fall harvest of apples and pumpkins on cool, crisp days.

A visit to Augusta Missouri wouldn’t be complete without a bike ride or stroll along the KATY Trail, a Department of Natural Resources project and a Missouri State Park. Stretching almost 200 miles from Clinton Missouri to Saint Charles Missouri, this gem brings in bicycling enthusiasts from all over the United States and the world. There are several bike rental shops in the area if you haven’t brought your own. Other sightseeing excursions could take you out to the Daniel Boone Home and Village, to Klondike Park, and the Busch Wildlife Area.

Continuing past Augusta Missouri, Noboleis Winery is approximately 1 mile outside Augusta and a beautiful spot to enjoy good wine and good food. Balducci’s Winery and Vineyards is a few miles further down Highway 94. Set back in a misty valley, they offer great wines as well as pizza, pasta and salads (on weekends) from their well-known St. Louis restaurant. Mark Blumenburg of Blumenhof Winery waits 4 more miles up ahead to round out your visit to the Weinstrasse. Very German in style, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a Bavarian village as sounds of the German Bands (seasonal) gather people to the dance floor for a polka.

Numerous Bed and Breakfasts, guest cottages and inns offer unique and comfortable lodging for overnight stays are located all along the Weinstrasse and in Augusta Missouri. Please refer to the lodging section for more information.

Whatever your interests, the Greater Augusta region of Missouri welcomes you to explore and enjoy all that it has to offer.