Modern life pulls us in so many directions and technology (that we expected would help us to be more efficient) has only made the workday longer. There are more commitments to family and community than ever. You need to get away, but the thought of a long vacation only adds to the stress.

There is a place nearby that you have fantasized about. It is a place that you perhaps have never been to. Once you set foot there, it will immediately feel like home. This place is not a distant land or some far-off dream – it is real. This place is Augusta, Missouri.

Only one hour away from St. Louis, this charming, historical village hearkens back to a time when life moved slower and was full of purpose. A time before the constant deadlines, the Twitter-sphere and the 24-hour news cycle. A time when a hand shake meant something and when excellent craftsmanship was a source of pride.

This is pride that you can taste and experience for yourself, since Augusta is a key part of Missouri’s wine history. The town and the surrounding area were the first designated wine district in the United States; not California but Augusta, Missouri. The picturesque farms and rolling vineyard hills have inspired some of the country’s best wines.

While sipping award-winning wine, you can take in the unique shopping, dining and lodging experiences. For the more energetic, there are recreational opportunities nearby, such as the KATY trail and Klondike Park.

Augusta Missouri businesses will warmly welcome you.