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Kimberly Alsop

Kimberly Alsop is a freelance artist specializing in creating unique artwork for both private residence and commercial businesses in and around the greater St. Louis Area. Prior to her own business, Kimberly started her professional career as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Art Director on a variety of major corporate accounts. She has been a guest art instructor at area schools and organizations like “ARTcanDo”, sharing her contagious passion for art. Kimberly was a featured Artist speaker for the Augusta Fall Harvest Festival, featuring the artisans of “Wine country”. She enjoys all creative pursuits in her free time including participating in Plein Air Painting Events and using her artistic hands and vision to turn a once metal pole barn into a unique living experience, which she refers to as her biggest, evolving art project.


  • Creating unique environments using a combination of design, paint, textiles, and architectural styles.