5577 Walnut Street, Augusta

Let’s help stock the shelves of our Neighborhood Food Pantries Sugar, Cooking oil, Tuna/canned meats, Cereal, Jelly Box mixes, Cake & Brownie Mix, Frosting, Gravy Mix, Pancake Syrup, Mac & […]

Open House at the History Musuem

History Museum 275 Webster Street, Augusta

Show & Tell — This is your opportunity to bring a historic item of meaning to you and/or your family and share its background with others.

Native American Presentation

Augusta Harmonie Verein 5333 Hackman Rd., Augusta

Ginny Blankenship is honored to share some incredible understandings of the Native Peoples of our area. Her knowledge of these people comes from many years of study, years of knowing them personally, and her own inner mysterious attraction to their culture since she was a very young child. Some of what she will share are many unknown facts, a sharing of their spiritual beliefs and some special characteristics that tend to set them apart from most people. Honoring our past brings us wisdom and understanding of life. Ginny hopes to see many interested hearts and minds. Recommended age is 16 years and up.