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Augusta Emporium

In the heart of Augusta lies a little store that represents “Wine County”.  This is the home for products, gifts, goods, wine, spirits and basic necessities for all of the local townspeople.
Many visitors compare the Emporium to the setting from a Hallmark movie!
The Emporium first came to life in 1860, and added an expansion in the 1880’s that became the General Store.
Today, the Emporium has as many authentic and original qualities as it did over 140 years ago, including the floors, doors,  and the ceiling.  There are pictures hanging in the Emporium dating back to 1913, showcasing family members of many local townsfolk.
We have old fashioned candy, gum and toys, along with unique gifts, cards and much more! This year, 2022, we are working with the events team to help wedding parties, social gatherings, or any other events to be the most enjoyable and memorable experience by helping them create a registry for their favorite wines and unique gifts! We do all the gift wrapping and will have it ready to pick up on your way to the event!
The Emporium is open 7 days a week. We do wine and food tastings on weekends. Make sure to make this one of your stops while visiting Augusta! You won’t be disappointed!